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Managing multiple tenants in the same house is hard.
Delegate it to experienced professionals.

What is HMO?
HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) is basically a house shared by two or more persons who are not related each other, with a separate rent management. In practice, each tenant in the house pays his portion of the rent independently from the others.
HMO is an extremely requested format in the UK, since there are more and more single workers who live or are moving alone, without a family or a partner, and don’t want to rent a full house just for them.

Why it is better to delegate the HMO Management to an experienced agent?
HMO management is hard, complicate, difficult and demanding. It is a full-time job and can easily lead to stress if managed by only one person. HMO is basically all the normal tenancy issues multiplied. Each tenant will expect you to provide him with property maintenance 24/7, and in addition you will need to attend viewings, conduct inspections and meet licensing requirements.

Whether you are already a landlord of an existing HMO, would like to invest in this kind of properties or would like to convert your house to an HMO, please feel free to contact us to discuss options for your project.

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